ASI’s tow systems are a cost effective option for moving heavy loads through the production process while maintaining access to the product.

Tow System Overview

  • Tow systems are available in both an overhead and floor version
  • Overhead tow systems can incorporate wheeled carts with any of our overhead power and free conveyors, including:
    • IntelliTrak chainless power and free
    • Light duty power and free
    • ASI’s AutoFlex power and free
    • ASI’s 4 inch overhead power and free

System Features

  • All in one floor design
  • Over-the-top clearances
  • All around access
  • Very stable platform
  • Low maintenance
  • Switching capabilities
  • High speed transportation

Tow System Advantages

  • Capable of handling very heavy loads
  • Off-line equipment can interface easily
  • Low maintenance – few moving parts and no on-board controls required make tow systems require much lower maintenance than alternatives like AGVs
  • Product is accessible from above and all sides for in-floor tow systems