ASI Power Roll Beds

Belt Skid Systems offer quiet, efficient transport of skids in both manufacturing and storage/banking areas. The belt option provides for lower maintenance and much lower noise than conventional chain. ASI Belt Skid Systems perform a variety of functions including

  • Power Roll Lift Tables for special processes such as welding
  • Power Roll Tables for transfer between stations
  • Walk-Top Power Roll Tables to integrate into work platforms
  • Power Roll
  • Turntables and Pivot Tables
  • Gravity Roller sections
  • Vertical Lift Power Roll units
  • Cross Transfer Power Roll stations for queuing multiple lanes of banking
  • Stacker/Destacker units multiply banking capacity.
  • Accumulating belt conveyors integrate with the Power Roll units in storage banking areas.
  • Production belt conveyors maintain speed through manual production areas.
  • Variable transfer speeds are available.

ASI Belt Skid System Power Roll Bed Standard Features

Load Capacity

  • 500 lbs
  • 1,000 lbs
  • 1,500 lbs
  • Up to a maximum of 5,000# (Custom designed to project or system requirements)

Power Roll Bed Length is custom for each application

  • Bed Length 12′-6″
  • Bed Length 17′-6″

Power Roll Bed Width, Roller to Roller is custom for each application

  • Roller to Roller width 2′-71/2″

Power Roll Bed Speed is custom for each application

  • Transfer speed 45 ft/min
  • Transfer speed 150 ft/min
  • Transfer speed 250 ft/min
  • Transfer speed of 300 ft/min with Urethane rollers