You have a significant investment in your facilities. The ASI Service Group provides quality scheduled service to maintain the reliability and productivity of your facilities, reduce unplanned down-time, and reduce overall costs for the life of the equipment. We are also available for service calls.

As a division of ASI, we employ the same highly experienced personnel that have built facilities from the ground up to provide this maintenance and service. We have extensive experience, and we put this firsthand experience to good use when solving problems.

From hundred dollar service calls to million dollar service contracts, the ASI Service Group is the one stop shop for your facility. We service all types of equipment, and we perform many types of service operations. We provide engineering studies to troubleshoot ongoing problems, provide health studies with preventative maintenance schedules, and service contracts for your entire facility.

Our Services Include:

  • OSHA Compliance Wash Down Strategies
  • Dust Collection and Dust Mitigation Strategies
  • DEM Engineered Chutes and Transfers
  • Service Contracts/Service Calls
  • Upgrades/Rework/Relocations
  • Laser Alignments
  • Silo Cleaning
  • MSHA Certified Staff Available
  • Dust Monitoring
  • Data Management
  • Down-time reporting/Error Proofing
  • Belt Health Assessments
  • Equipment Data Charts
  • Operation and Maintenance Training
  • Dust Characteristic Testing
  • Dust Combustibility Testing
  • National Emphasis Program on Combustible Dust Reporting/Evaluation




Equipment Service and Spare Parts

The Automatic Systems, Inc. Service Group is a division of ASI, which designs and builds complete assemblies of conveyor and material handling equipment. Our technology provides the latest innovations in the industry as we find solutions to new age production problems and compliance regulations. Our service, design, and spare parts are available for the following types of equipment:

  • Belt Delivery Conveyors
  • Belt Feeder Conveyors
  • Rail Loaders and Unloaders
  • Stackers/Reclaimers
  • OSHA Compliance Wash Down Strategies
  • Plows, Chutes, Bins, Gates
  • Trippers
  • Storage and Pipe Conveyor