System Overview

Power & Free Conveyors 3, 4, & 6 in. Overhead & Inverted: Power and free conveyors offer a material handling solution for products of various sizes and shapes to be delivered to multiple locations throughout a manufacturing, paint or assembly facility.

This material handling solution offers one of the most versatile and cost-effective means to move product throughout your facility. Examples of power and free capabilities available are: multiple lane selectivity, product carriers stopping at automated loading, unloading or processing operations, accumulation of product carriers to minimize delivery delays, and tailored modular design for flexible plant layouts.

ASI engineers work to enhance this material handling choice in order to maximize your facility’s product quality and plant uptime. In addition, Automatic Systems can provide system coding information for carrier routing and information updates for management.

Available in Autoflex three-, four-, and six-inch sizes, ASI overhead power and free conveyor systems effectively and efficiently handle your load requirement from the smallest part to several thousand pounds.

Load and Chain Pull Capacities

ASI Overhead Power & Free Conveyor