ASI Pendulum Conveyors for Paint Process applications are a significant improvement in design and application over other pendulum conveyors on the market.

  • Allow a reduction in the size of process equipment by utilizing a conveyor with greater articulation capacity
  • Improve process application by increasing the angle of entry/exit to reduce air pockets

A Brief History of Pendulum Conveyors

Early pendulum conveyors used either U-shaped carriers or vertically separate hangers. The U-shaped design required a return path below the process tanks that complicated the tank supports and drain deck areas. The vertically separate hangers required skid extensions, which created excess weight on the process oven and strip areas, and created excess floor space requirements for skid storage.

ASI’s patented pendulum conveyors system utilizes separately supported L-bar hooks. Our design enables skids to be lighter and narrower in the ovens and storage areas, and saves space in the strip storage banks. Our pendulum conveyors can be used with single link or doubled articulating chain (x-type)


Advantages of ASI Pendulum Conveyors

  • Smaller skid footprint yields lighter skid for lighter oven loading
  • Smaller skid requires less floor space for loaded and empty skids
  • Makes possible steeper angle entry and exit
    • Steeper angles reduce air pockets
    • Steeper angles reduce buffer requirements between tanks
  • Eliminates pinch points between skid arm extensions in strip banks
  • Pivoting L-hooks to allow for narrow return profile