System Overview

EMS (Electrified Monorail System): Built to ensure that product is always moved in the safest, quietest, cleanest and most efficient way possible, the ASI EMS system arrives at your facility pre-assembled and pre-tested for a quick system startup.

Designed and manufactured with onboard intelligence, ASI’s EMS controls permit rapid point-to-point product movement in your facility, quickly and easily allowing you to handle incoming material and saving you time and money. Also, ASI’s EMS provides for tight speed control in production areas and features state-of-the-art components, allowing for future expansion.

Simple to maintain, the ASI EMS system is constructed with minimal wires and zone cuts, and also features an intelligent tractor. For added efficiency, product radio-frequency identification can easily be added, providing for quality control tracking of your product and/or facilitating custom processes through automation. ASI offers both a contact and contact-less or inductive power solution.

Best of all, the ASI EMS system is built in Kansas City, Missouri, which means that quick delivery of replacement parts are always just a phone call away.

Advantages of ASI EMS

  1. On-board intelligence: Processor, Sensors, Tracking
  2. Speed Control: Speeds, Spacing, Pacing
  3. Capable of accumulating around corners
  4. Modular Track Assembly: Pre-assembled and pre-tested at ASI
  5. Modular Tractor Assembly: Pre-assembled at ASI and quickly installed in field
  6. Connectorized Design: Quick Start-up and disassembly for weld shop applications
  7. Domestic Sourcing of Critical Parts
  8. In-House test loop for Design-Build projects
  9. Configurable to Customer Specifications and Applications
  10. Positioning tolerance to +/- 1mm for advanced systems
  11. Organizational Experience
  12. Installed Base including Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Saturn, Shanghai General Motors, Tower Automotive, Appleton Coated Paper, and Caterpillar.
ASI's Electrified Monorail SystemASI's Electrified Monorail System

General System Information

Aluminum Extrusion
Main Sizes
A. 180x60mm Standard: ASI Modular
B. 240x80mm Heavy-duty: ASI Modular

A. 180mm – 1,000 lbs per trolley
B. 240mm- 3,000 lbs per trolley
C. Two and Four Load Trolley Systems Are Available

ASI EMS is supported with a continuous wide flange back bone beam

Track Joint Connections
Splice Plate & Pin

A. 1 meter radius
B. 2 meter radius

Glide Switch-Modular
A. Diverge
B. Converge

Glide Switch Actuator
A. Air Cylinder or
B. Electric Motor

Elevation Change Device
A. Drop-section unit / vertical drop lift
B. Vertical curves

Standard Electrification
FABA 100, Vahle U10, Wampfler Programme 815

Contactless Electrification
Vahle CPS, Wampfler IPT, LJU CET

Electrical Connection

  • Field Wiring to Rail
    • Junction Box for higher amperage applications
    • Rectangular Connection for short install/debug time
  • Rail to Conductor Bar Wiring
    • Crimp Connections for low amperage
    • Screw Connections for amperage above 20 amps


  • Trolleys
    • Castings by ASI
    • Wheels, rollers by ACLA
    • Mechanical Hardware by ASI
    • Powder coat paint color to match customer specifications
    • Motors by SEW, Electra-Gear-USA, Lenze, Bauer, Flender

The ASI EMS tractor carriers all of the intelligence for a simple system and requires only the addition of external power distribution to make a complete system. In more complex systems, which require sorting or routing, a supervisory processor is added which communicates with the plant manufacturing system.

  • Common On-Board Components
    • PLC’s: Any “shoe box” size PLC whose functionality and size fits the application. Typical brand names include Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Modicon, and Siemens.
    • VFD’s: Any “micro” VFD whose functionality and size fits the application. Typical brand names include Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Siemens and Omron
    • Control System Specialty Equipment Suppliers: LJU, Lenze-DETO
    • Optical Devices: Honeywell, Banner, Sunx, Sick Optic, Pepperl&Fuchs, Stahltronic
  • Common System Control Components
    • Inductive devices: Efector, Turck, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Pepperl&Fuchs
    • Sortation / Automatic Identification devices: RFID, Baluff, Balogh, LJU, Lenze-DETO
  • Central Panel Functions
    • Power Distribution
    • Power Contractors
    • E-Stop Relays
    • Supervisory Control PLC
    • Zone Control
    • Local I/O