Crane Body Marriage Systems are safe, dependable, and a very strong solution to your material handling needs. They operate with extreme efficiency while minimizing floor space requirements, allowing you to accurately complete the most vital of your plant operations.

Crane Body Marriage Systems: ASI Overhead Crane Systems travel from pickup station to unload station for component marriage assembly in an automatic, or semi-automatic process saving valuable manpower while eliminated the need for workers to be in potentially harmful environment.

On board PLC smart controls and variable speed for each system can be achieved with any control architecture that your company prefers  with the main ASI System PLC controls. Encoders or coded rail throughout the system provides exact positioning of every movement.

ASI’s AGVs and AGCs Body Marriage Vehicles are a safe, quiet, and elegant solution to your material handling needs. They also minimize dedicated space requirements, allowing you to do the most with the space available.

Crane / AGV Overview

  • Cranes or AGVs are self  operating systems with on-board controls and either on-board contactor shoes or inductive power supply.
  • They can be used for production processes or delivery, with part-holding details, interfacing with overhead or inverted conveyor systems

System Benefits

  • Easily adapted to existing facilities
  • Cranes / vehicles can be configured to handle various applications
  • Quiet and safe operation
  • Paths are rugged and dependably consistent
  • Back-up units are available

Control Method Options

  • On Board PLCs / No Black Box
  • Floor Retrieval
  • Body or Component Delivery
  • Programmable Vision Safety systems
  • RF Tags or Bar Code Readers available


Traditional Fixed-Path Automation

  • High Cycle Rates due to the predetermined path
  • Minimizes dedicated floor space and allows overhead support layouts
  • Safety – Programmable Vision Safety Systems
  • Programmable – With a myriad of control methods available, systems can be programmed to service all needs of your facility.