With the best service and broadest product offering in the industry, ASI provides design, manufacturing, and installation services for any material handling solutions found in automotive applications, including AGV’s, electrified monorail (EMS), skillets, flat tops, friction systems, 3”, 4” and 6” power and free (P&F), AutoFlex / enclosed track P&F, and finishing systems. We also specialize in automation, such as fork transfers, shuttles and body marriage stations.

Automotive Assembly was the birth of today’s material handling or conveyor systems. These factories introduced paced production. They tied different operations into one assembly process.  The process brought parts to workers creating the origins of “Just in Time”. It provided for higher volumes, improved efficiency which resulted in lower operating costs. Automatic Systems, Inc. has followed the principles of the original assembly line with the appropriate changes in conveyor technology to address:

  • Safety – worker protection and ergonomics
  • Higher production rates and volumes – reduced cycle times
  • Introduction of automation and robots equaling more precision
  • Increased product variability on common lines
  • Environmental Concerns to make components cleaner and quieter
  • Modular Build System of Vehicles

ASI Conveyors link production processes together, provide paced production, bring parts to automation and workers. Anything you see moving in an automotive plant is “work in process” can be provided by Automatic Systems, Inc. and our team. As many plants today run 3 shift operations with no daily shut down. ASI Conveyors are either are the main production line or they link production lines.  They are built strong and reliable since they must operate continuously.