Automatic Guided Vehicles / Carts (AGVs and AGCs)  are a safe, quiet, and elegant solution to your material handling needs. They minimize dedicated space requirements, allowing you to do the most with the space available.

  • AGVs or AGCs are self guided vehicles with on-board controls and either on-board or inductive power supply.
  • They can be used for production processes or delivery, with part-holding details, pallet rollers or even scissor lifts mounted on top.

System Benefits

  • Easily adapted to existing facilities
  • Carts / vehicles can be configured to handle various applications
  • Quiet and safe operation
  • Cart paths can be easily modified
  • Bi-directional

Control Method Options

  • Wire guide
  • Tape on the floor
  • GPS
  • Vision systems
  • RF Tags embedded in the floor

ASI AGV/AGC Advantages vs. Traditional Fixed-Path Conveyors

  • No fixed overhead of floor mounted track required
  • Minimizes dedicated floor space and allows multi-purpose use of space
  • Safety – sensors stop the AGV if someone or something blocks its path
  • Programmable – With a myriad of control methods available, AGVs and AGCs can be programmed to service all areas of your facility.