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Across the country, our cities are beginning the process to return to a more normal set of operating parameters while also keeping a close eye on COVID-19.  ASI is doing the same with a careful, measured and thoughtful approach.  We told our team we wanted to be the first ones out of the offices in March, but we do not want to be the first ones back. We will take our time to make sure our return to work is SAFE and smooth for our team members and their families. 

ASI’s Return to Work committee has been working for months to develop, execute and adapt our playbook for returning SAFELY to our offices.  As of today, 30% of our office team members have returned to our facilities in weekly groups.  We will continue this path as we identify the right people and the right time for each group to return. 

The precautions we put in place in March 2020 will remain, with a number of updates:

  • Travel: Non-essential business travel remains prohibited.  Essential business travel must be reviewed and approved by the RTW committee to meet our safety requirements.
  • No Visitors: Our offices remained closed to visitors.  If an in-person meeting is essential, a reservation must be made and approved by the RTW committee.
  • RTW Training: All employees must first go through virtual training on RTW protocols.
  • Visitor Video: Any visitors will need to watch an ASI site health and safety video on their first visit.
  • Screening: All employees and any visitors must pass a temperature scan and screening questions daily before entering any of our facilities.
  • Contact Tracing: A daily attendance log, including any visitors and their cell phone numbers, is kept for potential contact tracing needs.
  • Masks: Masks are mandatory PPE in our offices.  The only exception is while working alone in your office or workspace.  (ASI will provide masks to employees and guests.)
  • Spacing: Conference room chairs and workstation chairs are spaced at least 6’ apart.
  • Shields: Sneeze guard shields have been installed anywhere cubicle walls do not provide full height separation.
  • Safety Centers: Safety centers have been installed throughout the facility with PPE available including masks, gloves, and cleaning supplies.
  • Response Plan: A COVID emergency response plan is in place and is deployed in the event of a potential or confirmed exposure.  This includes contract tracing, testing, and deep cleaning.

ASI remains committed as always to the well-being of our team members, customers, vendors, and partners and will continue to monitor this situation and adjust our plans accordingly.

Best Regards,
Michael Hoehn

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