The primary goal of any preventative maintenance is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of a failure of your material handling equipment. The ideal maintenance program would prevent any unnecessary and costly repairs, not to mention, downtime, loss of production and loss of revenue due to orders not being shipped.

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  • PM Plan: Develop a structured approach to making sure that any equipment used in your facility functions with the highest possible efficiency which is generally accomplished with Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual visits.  During these visits our technicians will come to your facility to service and maintain your equipment through systematic inspection, detection, and correction for any defects before failures develop or occur.
  • 24/7 Support: Service that is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do this through server monitoring or call center (help desk).
  • Operation and Maintenance Training: Providing operational and maintenance personnel with a thorough understanding of how to operate and maintain your equipment.  This is important when first commissioning a system as well as periodic training to keep your employees knowledge base up to date as well as training new hires correctly.  Doing this will help lower your maintenance cost by having corrective actions in place that can be applied by your employees as needed.
  • Periodic Site Visits: During each Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual site visit, a qualified and experienced technician(s) will inspect and perform maintenance on the equipment.  Part that generally wear out over time (chains, bearings, pulleys etc) are replaced during these visits and the technician will bring any other parts that are found to be out of spec to the attention of the facility management for direction.

Already experiencing issues?

The ASI Service Group is the one stop shop for your facilities needs. We service all types of equipment, and we perform many types of service operations. We provide engineering studies to troubleshoot ongoing problems, offer health studies with preventative maintenance schedules, and service contracts for your entire facility.

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