ASI Consulting/Data Analysis:

Whether it’s collaborating with you on the best ways to increase throughput in your current system to designing a brand new facility let ASI help you realize your goals.  We can assist you in developing cost-effective solutions for any supply chain, warehouse, material handling, and distribution issues facing your company.  Our consulting service can assist you at any time during your project and since we’re an integrator we are able to analyze your specific situation, then apply the best technologies for your situation – regardless of the manufacturer.  Normally the first step in the process is to better understand your specific situation by performing a data analysis of your current facilities and processes.  This can be accomplished by either working with existing data sets provided by you or ASI will come on-site and generate the data with you.

Consulting/Data Analysis

Please export your data in one of the following formats:

Text (.csv or .txt)

Preferred: Tab delimited text file with no text qualifiers. Can also be unique character delimiter such as pipe symbol Alternative: CSV file or another standard format

Include column headers on the first line or in a separate document.

MS Access Database (.mdb or .accdb)

Be aware that Access Databases have a file size limit of 2GB.

MS Excel Document (.xls or .xlsx)

Be aware of Excel’s limitations:

Excel 2003 limits files to 65,536 rows.

Excel 2007 limits files to 1,048,576 rows.

These may not be large enough for some data files.


Please provide between 6 weeks and one year of outbound/ inbound/item master order line data. The following fields are needed:

Consulting/Data Analysis from ASI

Additional Helpful Information:

Shift Hours

How many shifts work per day? How many hours are they each?

Does scheduling change during peak periods? How many hours does a peak day consist of?

Inventory Snapshot

One day’s snapshot of inventory on hand by SKU and location…primary pick face or overstock

Growth Factors

How much (%) do your ship quantities, order lines, order numbers and Item counts change per year?

Electronic Layout

If the building and site is known, please provide an electronic layout, preferably in AutoCAD format

If building is not known, do you have a feel for the square footage you want to assign to this system?


Design Solutions:

Once we have finished our data analysis and have a good understanding of your processes, goals and ROI expectations we will work with you to design a system that meets all of your needs.  These engagements can involve anything from adding conveyor lines to an existing system to designing (and installing) a complete manufacturing, distribution or E-commerce facility.


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