Alloy Additive Systems for Steel Plants and Stainless Steel Plants

Due to growing demands and changing product designs, steel mills need to produce special and specific alloys and stainless steels to meet the needs of their customers.

The addition of alloys to AOD, VOD and LMF units requires reliable conveyance, accurate batch /micro weighing and rapid delivery of various alloy materials to the process ladle for every heat.

Automatic Systems has had an excellent track record and extensive experience with raw materials conveying, storing, accurate batch weighing and delivery to the process.

Our systems can include as pictured: Truck Dump Hoppers with Vibratory Feeder to Belt Wall Elevator, Conveyor Belt Wall Elevator conveying to Multiple Storage Hoppers; Head End of Belt Wall Elevator discharging to Traveling Belt Conveyor which feeds to Multiple Storage Hoppers; Storage Hoppers delivering to Vibratory Feeders  and Weigh Hoppers with Load cells; Weigh Hoppers with Vibratory Feeders delivering to Delivery Belt Conveyors and transferring to Rotary Chutes to deliver AOD.