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DEM Chutes

There is rarely a single solution when it comes to dust mitigation. That is why Automatic Systems, Inc. uses a balanced approach to solving your dust control needs. We believe that the right combination of DEM (Discrete Element Modeling) chutes, washdown systems, dust collection, and/or wet suppression will keep you in compliance.

Automatic Systems, Inc. uses ChuteMaven, a DEM software, to design our chutes. By modeling a range of material sizes, flow rates, and moisture content, we can optimize the material flow for each application.


  • Reduced dust
  • Increase belt life
  • Increase production capacities

ASI Design Approach

  • Optimize flow characteristics for production needs
  • Control discharge targets for proper loading
  • Minimize friction and entrained air
  • Minimize plugging under a range of material properties
  • Analyze material impact to maximize equipment life and reduce material degradation


ASI can design chutes for new applications or upgrades to your existing facility. Our evaluation and design process utilizes 3D CAD modeling and ChuteMaven DEM software for a complete and comprehensive package.

  • Analysis and modeling of physical constraints and parameters
  • Run initial flow studies to determine restriction points
  • Modify chute geometry to shape material and control impact points
  • Center material on receiving belt
  • Fine tune flow studies with variations in material
  • Customer review and submittal for fabrication


Our chutes are fabricated in our shop in Kansas City, Missouri by skilled millwrights. We have five CWI’s (certified welding inspectors) who oversee the fabrication. We use a variety of wear liner materials to meet your needs including:

  • Abrasion resistance steel
  • Ceramic tile
  • Stainless steel
  • Chromium carbide
  • Other specialty products


Our team of professional superintendents can install our chutes to minimize downtime at your plant.

  • Turn-key installation
  • Technical support for on-site needs
  • On call service
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