ASI Advanced Friction Conveyor System

ASI Advanced Friction Conveyors are a cost effective, low maintenance alternative to both inverted and overhead 4" and 6" power and free conveyors.

ASI Overhead Wide Flange ("OWF") Friction Conveyor System

System Overview

    ASI Advanced Friction Conveyor System
  • Electrically driven heavy capacity carriers
  • Quiet and clean, with no chain
  • Designed for use with high production rates (20% faster than P&F)
  • 1,500 kg maximum capacity for a wide flange load trolley
  • Easily installed - low maintenance

System Components

    Friction Drives and Drive Wheels
  • Independent stations
  • Constant speed or variable speed available
  • Large urethane drive roll designed for long life
  • Back-up pressure wheel on all units
    Friction Switches
  • Diverging and converging switch transfer
  • Air operated switch movement for positive placement
  • No dead spots in the transfer area based on drive placement
    Friction Stops / Accumulation
  • Stop blade at start of area accumulation
  • Carriers nest without high impacts
  • Positioning available
    Optional Chain Assist Conveyance
  • Used in vertical curves
  • Can be used in production booths

ASI Friction Advantages vs. Power and Free

  • Delivery speeds are faster than Power & Free (+20%)
  • Quiet and clean - no chain
  • Lower Maintenance
    • No high impact for accumulating trolleys
    • Breakdowns are isolated due to the absence of chain
    • Simpler installation and lower maintenance due to fewer mechanical components
    • Less mechanical wear and tear from contact during accumulation
  • Cost Effective
    • Energy savings due to off/on run time
    • Fewer carriers are required due to faster speeds
  • Improved Safety
    • No moving chain in rail cross section
    • Less oil to cause slips
    • Fewer catch hazards and less guarding required, due to the absence of chain
  • System Flexibility
    • Ability to transfer carriers to and from different elevations
    • Unlimited switching and routing ability
    • Eliminates need for off-line drives and power only track
    • Simple construction allows for easy replacements or reconfiguration
  • Simple layouts with no power only rail required
  • Controls Options
    • Self-contained individual distributed controls
    • Zone fault feedback for trouble-shooting problems
    • Each station has individual control flexibility

ASI OWF Summary

The ASI - OWF Friction System provides all the features of our IWF Friction System with the additional advantages of complete accessibility to the bottom of the product. This feature makes ASI - OWF Friction material handling one of the best solutions for Phosphate and Dip Painting operations in your manufacturing facility. All of the same advantages of the inverted system are utilized in the overhead system.